I need access to my account but subscription has expired

Hi, I closed my business in March due to Covid and need to access my accounts to submit to Companies House but as my QF account has now expired it won’t let me access the data without paying for another year’s subscription which I don’t need. Is there anyway of accessing the information that I have already paid for so I can submit my accounts?

Hi La_Republica,
If you have your account set to send you a monthly backup of all your data via email, you may can use the backup files.

Hi @La_Republica

We have replied to your private message requesting some account details, and we’ll take a look to see how we can help.

I’ve not connected for over 6 months as my business closing coincided with my mother getting a cancer diagnosis so didn’t event think about the accounts. I have no downloads or anything so would like to know if someone from QF is able to access my account and export the info for me or if I can have limited access to my account in order to download myself without having to pay a full year of subscription

The subscription is for the previous rolling 12 month period so you’re paying for what you’ve already used.

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