I need an accountant

Where can I post request for accounting quotations for my company?
I know you have big data base of accountants.

Hi @awariat

There are 2 ways of doing this.

From your dashboard in your account, you can use the option in the top right corner (“Need help with your accounting?”)

Or, we have a directory of accounts here: https://accountants.quickfile.co.uk.

The first option would provide some details about your account, whereas the second option is making contact directly.

Hope that helps!

Thank you very much
Only 750 characters to describe:( - a bit to short
I would like to have offers from Quickfile accountants only and this option would be perfect.
How to send my request in second option to all of them?

The first option will be the best one as this goes to accountants specifically registered with QuickFile.

Alternatively, you can post in the #marketplace category. I’m aware some accountants watch this area. It is a public forum, so I would keep it brief, but they can contact you through the forum then if needed :slight_smile: