IBAN and SWIFT banking details for foreign suppliers


I have noticed that the fields are limited on character length for the company registration and bank accounts.
I can understand the Company registration and I can understand the formatting for UK bank accounts but perhaps if you click EU supplier then additional fields pop up to allow foreign data to be input? Would that make sense to anyone else?

not real info but correct length
For example a supplier IBAN account is :IBAN: DE3378968180004133323
Company Registration is Steuer-Nr. 128/13850292

It’s not possible to enter this into the standard supplier details.

The company number field can only be used for UK registered companies as it links into our Companies House API. I think we can stretch to adding the IBAN in the bank details section for now, although these fields don’t really do anything yet other than store this information.


On my Supplier Account Details sections right down at the bottom, I only have the option for account name, number and sort code. Ninety nine per cent of my suppliers are in the EU and would rather have Account Name, Account Bank Name, IBAN and BIC SWIFT or a notes section at the bottom where I could add more details.

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I think your suggestion is similar to the one above, would you agree? I’ve noted this on our mid-term development plan so hopefully we can extend the bank details section when ever a non-GB supplier is entered.

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Thank you Glenn. Yes please do add this information, as I said 99.9% of my suppliers are EU based. Cheers.

We have just added two additional fields to the supplier settings screen so you can save the IBAN and Swift/BIC codes independently. Hope that helps!

I’ve tried today to save the IBAN and SWIFT details for one of my suppliers but they are not saved. When I exit and enter again these two fields are empty again.
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Hi @aribo, we identified a regression in the code here, it has been fixed on our side and is pending deployment. The actual data is getting persisted to the database it’s just not rebinding to the screen. I will advise you when this has been corrected.

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@aribo Just a quick one to let you know that this has now been fixed.

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