iCloud Keychain 2FA tokens

Hello @Glenn et al.,

Firstly thank you for providing your service - I love it. I love your ethos and your model… I hope your being rewarded for your efforts well :slight_smile:

Since iOS/iPadOS/safari 15 have been released, it’s been possible to store 2FA tokens in iCloud Keychain attached to saved passwords.

I have done this and it I can copy and paste my token from passwords fine.

There is however the option to have this be auto filled which would be much nicer! Is this something you think you could introduce?


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Hi @topper

I have asked the development team to look into this for you :slight_smile:

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Thank you @QFBeth :smiley:

I’ve just added it to my community account and it autofills! :smiley:

Would be really usefull to have this to login to the dashboard.

EDIT: Just seen that this is working now :flushed: :grin:

EDIT2: I have realised - in order to get it to work I do have to switch to another tab and come back to the dashboard before it will offer to fill though :confused: