Icon to signify a receipt is attached to the purchase

Hi, first thing is, fantastic website and service - really makes my life easier - I hate accounting! Loads of features that just work and really keeps up with technology to save time and effort. I’d recommend it to anyone.

So I’ve tagged my purchases on my main account, then I’ve gone through and uploaded receipts to each purchase. This is fine, but when I got onto my main account, I can’t see which purchases have receipts attached to them (unless I click on the tagged purchase, click on the Purchase Record and scroll down - even then to see the receipt I have to click on the magnifying glass).

I’d love to see an icon next to the purchases that 1. Tells me that there is a receipt attached to the purchase and 2. When I click on it, it opens the picture so I can see what the receipt is

Keep up the great service and I look forward to hearing if this has a chance of being implemented!


Thank you for the positive feedback, I’m glad to hear that you like the software.

Regarding your question about a receipt icon, have you tried this:

  1. Go the the main purchase management screen (by clicking the menu header).

  1. This will reveal a list of all your purchase invoices. Any purchases with attached receipts will have a small icon next to the view/edit link

  1. If you want you can also use the advanced search to filter out invoices with or without attachments.

Clicking on any of these icons will take you directly to the receipt.

Does this help?

Thanks a lot! Very helpful, apologies for replying so late! I’ve upgraded to a Power User, your service is fantastic!

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Hi Glenn,
Just decided to have a go in this area of uploading receipts to the hub, but am a bit stuck. I have just scanned and uploaded a few pages of receipt details (as a single pdf file) to my hub. Not being sure what to do at this stage I uploaded the payment record to my current account and created a purchase order from the bank statement. If I then look at purchase management, I see the record at the top of the list. In the status (options) column it shows (quite rightly) as paid. How do I now attach my receipt info to the purchase so that the little icon appears next to the paid symbol? Thank you. Robin

I see the receipt scan in your account, I also see the paid purchase invoice.

So really you just need to link the receipt to the purchase invoice. You can do this by entering the gross amount in the box at the top, then the matching receipt should show. All you need to do then is click it to link the two.

If you didn’t have the purchase invoice there already you can also use the Receipt Hub to create it on the fly.

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