Icons not displaying on bank account page

hi, as of last week I noticed that the icons aren’t displaying properly on some of the pages in my accounts, for example banking.

I am using Google Chrome, which I’ve checked is up-to-date.

This doesn’t seem to be happening with any other websites, just QF. Any ideas?

Hi @Pelican10

Are you using any extensions in Chrome, like an adblocker?

Sometimes these icons, specifically logos, can be blocked by extensions like these. A good test would be to try and login using Incognito, or another browser.

Thanks, interesting. Yes I am, but nothing different since it worked at the start of last week. Incognito works fine, so I guess it must be something like that. Cheers for the quick response :+1:t3:

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No problem at all! I would expect it to stop working on other websites though, as the icons in particular are from a popular icon library.

I believe they block them as they’re seen as “mimicking” the company, and could be fake. Obviously, in our case, they’re just there for reference.

Depending on your extension, you may be able to whitelist QuickFile, so it could be worth checking

Cheers. I havn’t noticed it on others, the culprit is F-Secure browser and banking protection, so I’ll see if I can whitelist QF. Cheers.

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