Identify origins of money on a supplier account

In Feb I received a supplier credit note and credited 3 purchase invoices but still have a balance of £56.13 of the credit left. This should show as being on account at the end of our financial year but I can’t work out how to do this.
Please help

From the supplier screen go to the view menu and select “All payments”. You should see a payment on there that has a certain amount unallocated.

This should allow you to identify the origins of the payment.

Hi Glenn,
Thanks, but the problem is that I don’t know how to enter all the credit note from our supplier.

What I did was to make credit notes for outstanding invoices, but there is more of the supplier credit note that needs allocating somewhere.

It should be showing as a credit on their account but I can’t see how to get it there

Did you change the title of my posting?

It’s probably best if you can send me the CN reference numbers so I can have a look. If you credit note a paid invoice in QuickFile it will deposit the funds to the supplier account, you will see them on the supplier detail screen. This always reflects the current funds on account, not at a specific date.

Regarding the post title, yes I did edit it. I try to change it to more accurately to reflect the question, if I’ve misunderstood the question I will edit it again later.

I discovered that if I make a credit note of a purchase invoice that has already been paid, then it gives an option to hold that money on the account.
Problem solved.

Though I wish I could have just entered the supplier credit note and allocated it entirely on account and then paid off invoices as and when.
This way I had to credit 3 invoices fully and one partially and keep track by using pen and paper to make sure it matched the supplier credit, which seems open for errors to creep in. And I have nowhere to show that supplier credit note.
Or was there an easier way to do all that?

Glad you found a solution here.

In double entry accounting there’s always two parts to any entry. Having credit notes derive from existing paid invoices explains to the software where the funds originated from. Entering credits directly to a supplier account doesn’t explain the origin of the funds.

You can however directly enter credits from the supplier and client screens but this would lodge an entry to the bank.

It sounds like what you’ve done is the correct approach.

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