Image Upload Blocked


Trying to add an additional pdf image to an existing Supplier transaction and am getting a BLOCKED message saying a security solution has been implemented to protect itself from online attacks and ask you to contact CloudFlareRay ID 2f8d60047b92267c.

However when I upload a pdf via the email solution it works perfectly.

Please help.

Hi @MichaelG

I’ve passed your post to a colleague to have a look at this for you. We’ll update you in this thread once we’ve resolved it.

We have noticed that some users are triggering a security setting on CloudFlare when attempting to upload a file. We have yet to reproduce this 100% but we are in discussion with CloudFlare at the moment to find a resolution.

We have white listed you for now so the problem shouldn’t persist.

@MichaelG just a quick one to let you know that we have made some tweaks here, so you shouldn’t be seeing that message any longer. Of course if you do experience any further problems, please let us know.