Import invoice design into new quick file account

Hi all,

since I have recently registered my Limited Company, I needed to open a new quick file account. I would like to import as much as possible from my previous sole trader account. Is it possible to import my customised invoice templates?

There are specifically my two custom templates (one including my Logo and one without) I would want to keep since I am very happy with them. My sole trader account Number is: 6131432347.

Is this possible?

Thank you for your excellent work!


Hi @IhleViolinsLtd, we can migrate the client records for you however we have no tool for migrating the invoice templates so this would need to be done manually.

Thank you PeterK,

could you please help me to migrate the clint records from my old sole trader (6131432347) to my new Ltd (6131468253) account?

Thank you again,

Hi @IhleViolinsLtd, your contact records have now been transferred to the new QuickFile account.