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Import invoices from CSV - VAT amounts are different

Hi, can you clarify the following please? Following on from this thread I tried importing a .csv from Shopify, there’s 3 months worth of daily sales to comply with MTD. Each day is a total of goods that are subject to both VAT and non VAT items therefore the VAT collected is rarely 20%. I imported a .csv and it specified I enter a VAT rate, ok but it recalculated the imports at 20%. I tried again, same process, 20% again and it knocked about £9000 of the total but is still about £1700 over the correct sales vat amount! Is there a fix for this as I don’t fancy going into each one to check and correct!

Just found something else, I exported the VAT detail report to cross reference the sales with the .csv import, a quicker way to trace the VAT errors and I’ve discovered the errors lie in the daily sales that have zero VAT totals. Easy enough to fix, and I’ll know for again to look for those and modify to 0% but I’m just wondering why the first import showed 20% on all when the second showed the reduced VAT amounts apart from the zero rated days? I don’t think its something I’ve done as I just export to .csv, add the VAT rate then import but if someone would clarify as I would like to know if this is something I would need to look out for. Thanks

Hi @Mushroom

Can I check that the file follows the format outlined in the help article? How is the rate specified? For example, is it 20.00, 20 or even 20%?

Hi, I just put 20 no dots or percentages.

Hi @Mushroom,

have you tried reformatting that column in case it has for some reason been saved as something else?

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