Import Purchase Balances

hi, hopefully someone can guide me

i only have about 15 outstanding purchases at my year end which was July 18 when i was on another system

so ive loaded suppliers and i need to put these transactions on (BTW the Account Code field is missing on Supplier import)

VIKDI 20180531 1283832 WSM 30.84 6.17 37.01
GENPU 20180723 1130312991 WSM 10.32 0.00 10.32
AMA01 20180731 14202758 WSM 192.42 38.49 230.91

i could format for a CSV, or manually import, how do i make sure VAT doesnt get mixed up.?


You need to put vat date under vat setting so that system start picking invoices from that date only if you on accrual vat basis else banking activity from vat date will matter

this is my settings…
are those correct then, Q1 is Aug - Oct in my case…?

i saw a setting somewhere about locking stuff, when i have all my sales and purchases opening balances loaded would i set that date to 31/07/2018 to stop using before that date in future…?

thank you kindly…

QF should not pick any invoice prior to Aug 18, you can always check vat calculations before submitting it through QF by downloading calculations in excel

thanks, i will check before i raise any invoices that vat zero and nominal ok…

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