Import Sales with Multiple Item Lines


Is it possible to import Sales Invoices which contains multiple Lines Items

Client: PDQ Sales
Sales Invoice: 123

Item 1 : Off-Site--------------£200-------------------No Vat--------------£200
Item 2: On-Site---------------£100-------------------20% Vat-----------£220
Vat £20
Total £400
Total £420


Only through the API not through CSV files I’m afraid. CSV files aren’t very good at representing hierarchical data (i.e. parent invoice with sub lines). I’m open to suggestions but I’m not sure how this could be solved without using horribly messy CSV formats.

Hi Glenn,

Ok, no problem

When I enter 2 line items similar to above’s example, one with VAT @ 20% and one with No VAT e,g takeaway items or just one line item with No Vat. The VAT return does not take into account the No Vat and includes these in the Sales Vat line. Why is this? which means i am paying Vat to HMRC when I’ve not received it from the customer.