Import Starling Bank statements

I’m attempting to upload historic (2020) transactions from a csv file. It shows 69 untagged transactions in the top right corner but I can only access 3 of them in the main banking/account screen? I’ve tried importing as “other” and the same result. I’ve tried to re-upload and it shows conflicts - so the records are definitely there but I cannot access them and they don’t seem to process. Any ideas what I could do? Many thanks.

I believe that bank account views only go back two years by default if you’re just navigating via the pagination links at the bottom, but if you click the search button and search for an earlier date range that should bring them up.

Hello @xxchris

@ian_roberts is spot on, anything over 2 years old would not show by default but you can apply a search to see them (as in the below example)

Many thanks @ian_roberts and @QFSteve. When I try this, I get an “unauthorized” error message?

Hello @xxchris

Can you provide a screenshot, the screenshot I provided was from your account.

I have removed the screenshot.

Hello @xxchris

Can I ask what date range you entered please?

I tried 01/01/2020 - 31/12/2020 does that work for you?

If not can you try a different browser or incognito mode (ctrl + shift + n) in case it is browser related?

Thank you. A different browser solved the problem.

Hello @xxchris

Check each of your browser extensions as one may be interfering with it.

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