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Import Tool Headings - Knowledge Base Mismatch

A very trivial issue, but there is a minor mismatch between the column heading values listed in the Knowledge Base article: (importing sales and purchase invoices) with the values currently expected by the Import Tool within QuickFile.

For example:

Knowledge Base: ‘Paid account nominal code’ vs QuickFile: Paid bank account nominal

Knowledge Base: ‘Supplier Reference’ vs QuickFile: ‘Supplier Ref.’

These are from the [Importing Purchases] function.

Nothing major but enough to stop the tool auto matching columns correctly.

Also can I suggest/request that the ‘Total gross amount’ heading within the Knowledge Base be updated to include the requirement for the values to be presented as a simple number i.e. without any currency formatting, as this causes the import to fail.

Hope this helps.


Hi @Scruffies

We’ll get this updated shortly. Thanks for letting us know.