Import transactions into Ledger


I want to import data from Excel spreadsheet, booking directly to the DLA account (1201) and P&L.

Under the Accounting settings, I can only see the import data feature for the bank, purchase and client invoices - but not general ledger accounts.

Is it still an available functionality in Quickfile? If yes, where is it hidden?

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You will need to import these transactions into the DLA from the main bank account, this will create the link in the ledger accounts.

I hope this helps, but if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Hi, thnks for your reply.

I am willing to import non-bank DLA transactions (business expenses paid from personl bank account). Therefore those items won’t touch the bank.

Previously, I somehow imported them as part of the opening balance, but now I cannot find this feature anymore, or not sure where it was…

Do you recall this?

The DLA (and any other nominal in the 12xx range) is treated as a “bank account” in QuickFile, if you have the transactions in Excel then you should be able to export a CSV and load that into the DL bank account in QuickFile the same as you would import a CSV statement downloaded from a real bank, just use “other” as the bank type so you can map the columns by hand.


Ok, will try and revert here. thanks!

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