Imported bank statement corrupted spreadsheet

I have imported my statement from Lloyds bank and it has not appeared the same as Lloyds bank account exported , one transaction where a client has made a deposit has come up has payment paid out to be tagged also it is a complete different amount all together.
Has anyone come across this before.
I cannot tag this amount because its from a client, when I tried to tag the only option is payment to a client.

I’ll send you a private message as there are some details I need to run by you.

statement 12th Nov 13.csv(580 Bytes)

Please see money out £1571.00

That client made a deposit of £658.60 on 12th Nov

I have doubled checked no money for the amount of 1571.00 has gone out of my account

Hi Glenn,

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The spreadsheet is corrupted which is causing part of the description to span across into the debit and credit column.

This is what I see in Excel:

Have you modified this file since you downloaded from Lloyds, or did Lloyds supply the file like this?