Imported purchase invoices with wrong VAT

I imported Purchase invoices to import.csv (1.7 KB)

On a number of entries it clearly shows “No VAT” however all the imported purchase invoices have VAT on them at 20%. What did I do wrong and what is the easiest way to correct it now?



In the instructions at Importing sales and purchase invoices it says that the VAT Rate column should be a number - 0 for “No VAT” or 20 for standard rate 20%. Your CSV has strings instead of numbers (No VAT or a blank column) and I presume what’s happened is that it has failed to parse this as a number and used the supplier’s default VAT rate instead.

Thank you Ian. Is there any way to recode VAT to zero on those purchases? So easy to do in QuickBooks or Xero…Do I need to go each individual bill and amend it?

Hi @magdalenaj,

Yes you can easily go into the invoice and amend it. You can either delete and re-import the bulk invoices with the correct content in the csv or you can go into each individual invoice and change it.

Thank you Beth, it would be nice to have something similar to Find & Recode like in Xero…

Hi @magdalenaj,

If you think of anything you believe would help to improve QuickFile then you are welcome to start a #feature request post. The developers keep an eye on these posts and when making updates they take the suggestions into consideration.

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