Importing bank transactions will duplicates be recognised?

Sorry if this has already been raised and answered somewhere, but if i import my transactions into QF will it result in duplicate entries if i already imported previously. I am not sure when last from and to i did the import but do know i need from 1st Feb 14 to the current. Any danger of messing things up if i just import the file to cover that plus what is already loaded?
If not, i cannot see the transactions i have already imported? I only see the receipts i have imported and needed signing off as paid?

Please advise, (obtw, i understand from Santander your bank feed does not always work. Will advise re my experiences.
Many thanks

What exactly are you importing?

the bank transactions in xls format

We don’t support XLS imports only CSV. Whenever you import bank transactions a check is always made against the existing data to ensure a transactions doesn’t already exist with the same date, reference and amount. If a duplicate is identified you will be prompted to import or skip.

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