Importing Clients problem

I am a brand new customer to Quickfile & I have been trying to import my clients into Quickfile through the ‘Importing clients and suppliers’ section. I have created a .CSV file and correctly linked the appropriate columns to Quickfiles requirements.
However, most of my clients fail to import with the error code ‘Company Name missing’.
Well most of my clients (around 95%) are private individuals so do not have a company name.
I tried inserting the word NONE into these particular entries, and then Quickfile fails with the error code ‘Duplicate Company name’, deleting every client with the company name ‘NONE’ except for the first one.
I don’t know how to get around this problem, please can you help?
PS I am limiting the import to less than 500 per attempt.


The only required fields when setting up a client are First Name and Last Name. All the other fields if you don’t have something for them you can leave them blank. Blank fields will not affect the upload.

That is just poor labelling of the field. It is the name of the client, so if your customer is John Smith then that is what goes in the field.

If you enter the client details manually the screen actually labels the same field as “Client Name”.

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