Importing customer list


I am struggling with importing a list of my customers into Quickfile.
I have a database with about 5000 customers details. they are stored with just one field for their name e.g. ‘Mr Joe Bloggs’.
The Quickfile Import client records page asks for a Firstname and Surname.
Does this mean I will have to create a two new fields in my customer list and ammend every customer record?

Hi GTCooker,
Have you had a look here:

It looks like you have to amend your csv file with a First Name and Surname Column.
Did you download your customer list from another software? If so, may you can download a list with First Name and Surname?

There is a pretty easy formula to split a column in to two so the first names and surnames are separated. You don’t need to physically do 5000 you could do it with one single formula.

Fairly simple job to split the name into multiple fields if you open the file in spreadsheet software. Exactly how you do it might depend on the exact format of all names though, e.g. do they all start with Mr/Mrs, are they all simply Mr Firstname Lastname or do some firstnames/surnames have spaces?

The names are stored in a database which just has one field for the customers name. Most of the names are just the surname with no firstname such as ‘Mr Bloggs’. I don’t usually ask for a first name.
I suppose I could try to split the Mr, Mrs or Miss from the names, then split any entries with a firstname from the surname. any blank firstname could be filled in with the word ‘Blank’.

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