Importing data from Kashflow

Is there an easy way to import invoices and contacts from kashflow?

Clients and suppliers can be imported, providing you are able to export them from Kashflow in CSV format.

Importing clients and suppliers

We are currently working on a invoice import tool due to launch this week, not sure how pressed you are for time but this may be the solution as it creates the invoices and associated clients and suppliers in one go.

I can notify you as soon as this is ready if you wish?

Thanks, I am not pressed for time

The new sales and purchase invoice tool is now available, here are some instructions to help you configure the spreadsheet for upload:

Importing sales and purchase invoices

Kashflow should also allow you to export a trial balance which can also then be imported into Quick File. Just be careful to ensure if you’re importing invoices and a trial balance not to duplicate any figures.