Importing Foreign Currency Invoices

We are pleased to introduce support for importing foreign currency sales and purchase invoices from a CSV spreadsheet.

We have introduced two new columns that you can now include on your spreadsheet:

Currency - The 3 character ISO code for the currency you’d like to import with (e.g. USD, EUR, CHF etc)

Exchange Rate - The exchange rate you’d like applying to the invoice, if this is left blank then the rate will be sourced from based on the issue date of the invoice.

If you would like to import your invoices as “paid” you may wish to make note of the following:

  • If invoices are flagged as paid then the same exchange rate will be applied to the invoice and the payment, so currently there is no support for currency loss or gains.

  • The payment bank account must either be denominated in the same currency as the invoice or in GBP. We do not support cross currency transactions, e.g. a USD invoice paid into a EUR bank account.

We hope that the extended support for foreign currency invoice imports will speed up data entry for those handling foreign currency transactions.

Find out more about importing sales and purchase invoices here

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