Importing historical invoices after starting to input current data!

Will importing historical invoices data after starting issuing invoices for the current month have an affect on the current invoices in any way? I mean is there a danger of them (current invoices data) being over written?

Hi @atlsystems

Importing invoices will not override existing invoices.

What may happen however, is the invoices may be given a new number which could cause some issues with your numbering.

Are you coming to QuickFile from another system of somesort? There may be an easier way.


Thank you for your quick response. The invoices were raised using our own system and they all are numbered. There are about 600-700 invoices which i need to bring over to Quickfile.

I started issuing invoices on Quickfile by taking the next number in the sequence.

Hi Mathew

In your reply to my query you mentioned that “There may be an easier way”. Could you please show me how?

Thank you.

Hi @atlsystems

What type of system is this? Is it an e-commerce system for example?

Its not an e-commerce system, its a self built system - I am not too sure as I recently joined this company and at the moment there in no one here that I can ask.

This system is used by the company as a database and to issue invoices to customers. They used to do VAT on xl files. When I joined in September I started to use Quickfile.

The financial year begins in July, that is the reason I was hoping to bring all the sale transactions from July - September over so that I can have the complete record for the year. I do not need to bring over invoices as such. I can get a CSV report with individual transaction shown on one line as below:-

DATE INV NO Client Name Account No INV Net VAT Gross

Do we need any other fields?

The only required fields are:

  • Issue Date
  • Client name [Must exactly match any pre-existing client or one will be automatically created]
  • Description
  • Total gross amount

So account number in this case would only be used to match with clients on your account. And the gross figure isn’t actually used at all - it would just be net, VAT rate and VAT amount.

There’s a breakdown of the fields at the following link, which may help:
Importing sales and purchase invoices

Thank you. I will give it a try.

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