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Importing invoice templates

Hello. Newbie here so please forgive if a daft question! I’ve done several searches but can’t find the answer so hope someone can help. Is it possible to import your own invoice template to use? Alternatively, is it possible to change the layout of the invoice templates provided? I don’t have items but would like a column for date instead - I send my clients an invoice at the end of each month with the work carried out and need to do this by date. Thanks in advance. (PS I’m not design savvy so no CSS speak please!)

Hi @cmitch

There are some templates available, just preview a sales invoice and then click on the green Invoice Gallery button in the top left
You can edit them further, customising the colours and moving things around, but this does require a bit of CSS knowledge.

We do have a guide with some basics here. But if you have a particular look you’re going for, just let us know and we can send you a private message and see if we can help you with this :slight_smile:

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