Importing opening trial balance from Freeagent

Hi I am importing an opening trial balance from Freeagent. There is no end of year procedure in Freeagent, which is unusual in that results in the Trial Balance at the end of year showing the Trading and P&L entries for that year. Nor does it work if I try to make the date the 1st day of the new year.
There seem to be 2 options for importing the figures:

  1. Map all the Trading & P&L entries to Profit and Loss In Quickfile (or do this in a spreadsheet first before uploading), or
  2. Map the Trading and P&L and account at the year end (as well as the Balance Sheet) to the correct accounts in Quickfile then run an end of year as at that date (so QF will itself make the transfers to P&L brought forward account). I presume this would work but cannot see this option mentioned elsewhere.
    If there is no downside to 2 then this would presumably also give me prior year’s figures, so be slightly advantageous.
    Comments please.
    Kind Regards, Peter

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