Importing purchases and sales data

Hi - we are looking at how we can link our own database with your accounting software and I would like to know if there is a way of getting a bespoke API.

There are two things - firstly purchases - we are about to add a module on our own database so that we can do an individual job profitability. So the database will have the: Supplier; Supplier reference; Net amount; VAT; Description and whatever else your software needs and we can have this exported into say a CSV file for import. What would be even better is if we could then view that specific import and then attached the relevant invoice copy by having a link tab next to each. Is this possible or is this something you are looking to develop - if you are not how much do you charge for bespoking peoples versions, if you do.

Our sales invoices are also raise, paid, credit noted etc on our database and at present we simply post invoices as a total week and then process payments against this. Prior to using your software we used Quickbooks and we simply imported the invoices and payments straight into this from the database. Do you have this facility or is it something you’d consider developing?

Thank you, Russell

We don’t develop bespoke API solutions. The good news is we are expanding our API and 4 new API functions will be added in the next week.

  1. Purchase_Create
  2. Purchase_Search
  3. Purchase_Get
  4. Purchase_Delete

We will be updating our API documentation as soon as these methods area available for public use.

We have no CSV import process for invoices and this is not something that we are planning on developing just yet. We do however support a full range of invoicing methods in our API.

Hi Glen - thank you for the update - let me know when this is finished - what will the file format be for the import?

Also, I am a bit confused on your last paragraph - you say ‘We do however support a full range of invoicing methods in our API.’ Please will you explain this a bit further as to how I can access this or use it, as I don’t fully understand, thank you.

Our API is a programming interface and is designed to be used by software developers, so you would definitely need someone who could build the interface in a programming language like .NET, PHP, JAVA, etc.

Our particular API service uses and XML interface, it’s covered in detail within our API Technical Spec.

Hi @Glenn, on a similar note, I’d like to ‘sync’ our database with yours, so we have a basic outline of the invoices etc to link to the full client account. Are there plans (or currently a way?) to display all clients and all invoices (or created since x days ago)?

There’s no way right now to display clients created within the last n days. With invoices you can order by issue date. For building an interface between Quick File and any proprietary system you’re best bet is to look at the API. However the API will require some programming expertise but it does afford you the greatest flexibility and will remove any additional steps exporting and importing data using CSV files.

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