Importing reconciled bank statements from xero

I am moving from xero to quickfile and would like to import all my data.
What’s the score with importing reconciled bank transactions?
Is the only option to store past details in a files and then work on setting opening balances.
If so is it best just to bring the zero data up to date for the last day of the month which in my case is probably about three months ago?

Hi @garyjackson

What you may find easier is to import a trial balance from Xero. This basically outlines all the balances of the nominal accounts as of a certain date, similar to this one (from QuickFile):

This would essentially allow you to pick up where you left off as everything would be set and ready to go.

The only catch is the numbering is different between the two systems, but if you’d like to download a copy and send it over (I’ll send you a private message regarding this now), then we can help sort this for you.

The same goes with clients and suppliers, downloading them in an excel/CSV format, then they should import all OK.

I hope that makes sense?

There’s information on how to export the trial balance from Xero (in Excel format) here

You may also find this guide useful:

Thanks. Grateful if you could send me a personal message so I can send you the file.
What i’m trying to achieve is transfer of all info that’s on xero when I started entering accounts details which is bank statement on xero starts with a personal account on 28 may 13
and then has an additional business account starting 18 Dec 13.
I started inputting info a few months ago and was back dating.
I have not closed off any years and my last reconciled bank was 14 June 16.
My concern is that if I start my trial balance date form the 14 June 16 (from when I last reconciled my bank account) that I will not transfer all info from my xero start date of 28 May 13?
When I transfer my bank accounts details will all reconciled transactions tire up with sales and expenses?
What i’m basically trying to achieve is have all info on my quickfile that I have on my present xero.

Hi @garyjackson

I’ve sent you a private message (you should have a green icon in the top right hand corner by your avatar).

Your best bet is to start using QuickFile either from the start of a month (e.g. 1st June 2016), so you would need to obtain a trial balance from the date before (e.g. 31st May 2016).

If you’re looking to copy everything (including invoices, clients, suppliers, purchase invoices, bank statements etc.), this could be a bit of head work, but it is do-able by using the import options under Account Settings. But the trial balance will set up all your nominals so you don’t need to copy all your invoices over.

Just a quick update here, we now have an automated trial balance import tool for Xero. This will handle the Xero format and automatically map the Xero Chart of Accounts to the one used in QuickFile.