Importing recurring invoices from QF to QF when going Ltd Co


I’ve looked at the FAQ’s and just wondered if there is an update to do this, I am changing from sole trader to Ltd Co in a couple of months so I am setting the Ltd part up now as all the customers will move over on 6/4…

So I’ve managed to import customers and suppliers, setup Go-Cardless and the basic of the bank accounts but I cannot seem to import the recurring invoices?? I can ‘export’ them to a csv but not import them…

I only have 10 so if I have to enter them manually it’s not a big problem and I do like them as the figure is more or less the same each month as is the billing date.

Anything to help…?


Hi @daveh001

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way of doing it within QuickFile unfortunately. Hopefully that doesn’t cause you too much of a headache!


It’s only 10, just couldn’t see why I could export but couldn’t import the same data…!! Thought I was missing something obvious…!