Importing recurring invoices

How can I bulk import invoices from a spreadsheet to create recurring invoices ?

You can’t, there is no such method or tool for this.

Is it possible to make one?

You could always use the API if you have the knowledge, or message me if you haven’t :slight_smile:

I do not have the knowledge. Would you be able to assist please?

The API would work but it’s not a 5 minute job. It involves writing software.

How many recurring invoices do you need to create? Are they all different amounts?

We have about 2000 invoices and they are all different amounts

Thank You

You have 2000 recurring invoices? I.e. you want the system to send out 2000 invoices a month to all your different clients?

I don’t think in that case there’s a simple solution, short of writing your own API interface.

@John101 - I’ve sent you a PM regarding this

Not 2000 per month. 2000 per year. That is more like 150 - 200 per month.

Where did you send the message to, please?

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See here:

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