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Importing trial balance from Quickbooks

I am trying to import a trial balance from Quickbooks and have got as far as Please indicate where each field should be mapped to?" and I am getting the message Please ensure you have mapped each of the columns before proceeding". There are only 3 columns in my .CSV file but there are 4 fields to map it to. Can you help please

Hi @MikeBennett

What columns do you have in your CSV file at the moment?

Column 1 account
Column 2 Debit
Column 3 credit

I give up, I have spent days on this. I have followed the instructions for importing a trial balance from Quickbooks but I think it is looking for a fourth column and I don’t know what to put in it.

Hi @MikeBennett

Do you want to send us the trial balance, and we’ll take a look at this for you?

If you send it in a private message to @QFSupport, either myself or a colleague will pick it up.

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