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Imports from China

I have a client who imports from China, and I need confirmation on the VAT category for the following:
how do I record the postponed import VAT on Quickfile if I have no invoice from the shippers as shipping was paid for by China
China then have invoiced the company for the import
Thank you

Hi @rebecca

This question is better aimed at your accountant to make sure that you are reporting correctly.

As I am not a qualified accountant I wouldn’t like to give you incorrect advice

Hi Rebecca
I do a small amount of import from China – this is what we do < but as per QFBeth I am not a qualified accountant I wouldn’t like to give you incorrect advice so do check with your accountant.
I don’t understand the “postponed” part of the question – but this is my understanding

  1. You will need a valid invoice to clam VAT or any Kind , and that must have a UK VAT number
  2. China do not charge any VAT – all good are sold NET its all T0
  3. The good will ship by FedX DHL other agent etc – once in the UK they will do the customs and VAT clearance and send you the invoice for Duty & VAT on there import account, this is the invoice you can use to claim any VAT .
  4. If FedX DHL other agent did not send you a Duty & VAT invoice you have no VAT to claim. Sometimes they don’t on small imports, but it can be a few weeks before you get the invoice. Other times that want payment upfront – pot luck .
    VAT and Duty is a UK Government side of the transaction , you should not be charged this buy the non UK supplier , its calculated on landing in the UK as the VAT is on a total value of Goods on the Airwaybill not the invoice -
    The only other option is that the supplier is UK VAT Registered, then its simple they must issue a VAT invoice but that’s unusual
    Hope this is of some help