Could you add the following to any improvements/bug fix/issues list:

Supplier Ref - this is a more useful reference than the QF ref. When looking at the list of purchase invoices have this field visible would be more useful than the QF reference - the supplier will quote their reference and have no way to link it to my QF code.

Payment - when marking payment by Cash, Cheque or Credit Card it requires two clicks which could easily default to a single click. If I choose Cash in Paid From, could Pay Method not automatically opt for Cash (same for Cheques and CC)?
It would be very useful to have a searchable Cheque number field.


Hi @WalkerTim

Thank you for your suggestions.

It’s usually best to post each idea in a new thread so users can vote on them independently.

However, I do believe that “Cash” should already be selected for cash accounts. Let me check this and come back to you.

Just wanted to confirm that when I selected a cash account, the payment method had updated to “Cash”

If you click the “columns” button at the top of the purchase list you can configure it to show the supplier ref column, and once set this is sticky and will be remembered unless you change it again.

Thanks Ian. By using “Show All Purchases”, I found the option to “Modify Columns” in the top right corner. (apologies for the noddy repeat of your instructions, its to remind me when I can’t find it next time!)

Hi Mathew, I can’t get this to work in the purchase function - should it be working there too?

Hi @WalkerTim,

Are you able to share a screenshot of what you mean?

Hi Beth, my mistake, the cash option does work. Its the cheque option that doesn’t default to chq as a pay method and I can see why it wouldn’t - it’s named as “Chq Account” but QF won’t know this.

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I think you should be able to do this with some custom scripts though if you have a power user subscription?

Hi Lurch, any further guidance on where to search to find out how to write custom scripts? Or a pre-written one you could share that I could then amend?