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Improving Email Reliability - Updated

Do you have any recent information on improving email reliability? Using the QuickFile smtp server I keep getting problems with clients emails going to spam. When I try to setup the email to use our own smtp server I get failures probably due to spf issues. How do I find the spf details I need? I have searched the help topics but everything on this is quite old and now not relevant.

I don’t think SPF is an issue any more actually. Do you have an SPF related error, or any error message at all? What failures do you get?

I know Quickfile say their email content isn’t spam and it ranks highly on spam checking websites (which it does) but regardless most Quickfile email ends up in peoples spam folders. It’s just the nature of several minor things that can trigger 3rd party spam filters, the Quickfile email content being HTML doesn’t help matters. If you want reliable email you need to send it yourself in some fashion.

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This is the error.

The same settings in my email client work fine.

That’s more likely to do with STARTTLS/SSL and the port. Try it on port 587.

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Thanks, that worked great. Not sure why 465 works on my mail client and is the recommended setting but here we needed 587. Anyway, happy now. We can see if it helps keep emails out of spam?

Email was when it was invented completely insecure but as different security layers are added over the years they get implemented in slightly different ways (server and client side) and the terminology is not always exactly the same. That’s basically what’s happened here, slight terminology issue one end or the other I think.

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465 and 587 do security in different ways - essentially 465 is an older standard where it just assumes every connection wants security, 587 (and 25) use a newer standard called STARTTLS where the client first connects normally without security and then asks the server to switch to secure mode. The client library that QuickFile uses only supports the newer method.


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