In an rate/hours invoice, I'd like to total the hours spent

A client of mine has requested the total hours spent to be shown on his monthly invoice. At the moment the hourly rate is constant, so I can manually divide the invoice total by the hourly rate to get the figure I require. However, this could well change. Is there a system variable I could use (maybe in the notes section, as it doesn’t have to be directly beneath the hours column) or activated in the totals section, that would be brilliant. Thanks.

I’m afraid there’s no dedicated system variable for this, so it will likely need to go in as an explanation in the notes section. There is a feature proposal for creating custom notes for specific clients, but in this case I guess there will still be manual calculations.


It just occured to me, are you aware you can create time based events within invoices on QuickFile? This would allow you to specify the number of hours along with your rate.

H Glenn. Thanks for your quick reply. not sure this helps, as all my line items are time based anyway. Just rate and hours worked. So - unless I’m missing something - I’d still need to do the calculation manually!

It’s really not a big deal.

Cheers and thanks again.

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