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Inactive account linked to my affinity, cost?

Just wanted to double check something with QF

I have a client account set up through my affinity, the clients company has now sought liquidation, i need to retain records for the insolvency practitioner, but the account itself has been inactive for over 12 months.

Am i still being billed for this account or are the fees still linked to number of nominal entries? if I am still being billed, is there any way to “pause” the account as there will likely be no further input in this account, but the info still needs to be retained.

Morning @Paul_Courtier

Any account linked to Affinity would attract fees, depending on its size.

is the Affinity account the main administrator for the profile, or is it an individual? You could unlink it from Affinity and re-link it if required. Any days it’s unlinked won’t attract any fees.

Hope that helps!

Hi @QFMathew yes the affinity account is the main administrator.

So just to confirm once I’ve backed it all up I could de link it, and if need be, relink at a later date?

This would be the tricky part, as you would need to email an invite to connect to the administrator. If you could make another user the main admin (even if it’s you with a different email address), then that should work.

OK brilliant I can do that. Thank you!

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