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Inconsistency in how dates are parsed

I noticed when I was entering invoices I could enter dates like 01/01/16 and they’d be parsed correctly. But elsewhere, for example when I’m entering payments against those invoices, I must use 4 digit years or the interfaces tells me my date is invalid.

Not sure it rises to the level of a bug, but it would be neat if it was consistent…

Hi @chmac

Have you got any examples of pages where you’re noticing the shorter format (dd/mm/yy)?

I’ll refer it to our development team to have a look at as I believe it should normally be dd/mm/yyyy

It’s not that the date was displayed with a 2 year date, but I could enter it as a 2 year date on an invoice and it was accepted, but when I’m typing dates on payments it is not.

PS> I can’t post a new thread, or send you a direct message, as I’ve hit my first day limit as a new user. Is it possible to increase that? I have a bug with currency rates that’s kicking my ass… :cry:

No problem! I can’t seem to find the input you’re referring to for the dd/mm/yy entry. Can you post a screenshot please, or send me a link to the page (remove your company name from the web address)

Regarding your account, you’re currently set to the highest level I can change it to I’m afraid. You should have a Welcome private message from me that you’re welcome to reply to if you wish.

Create a new invoice, type into the date field (don’t use the date picker) 1/1/16 and then save the invoice. The date is set correctly as 1 Jan 2016. Now click the chip icon to receive a payment and type the same into the date box, I see a popup telling me I typed an invalid date.

Thanks! I’ll refer this to our development team to see what they come back with. We’ll update this thread shortly.