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Incorrect Currency Being Sent to GoCardless


I’ve run into a problem when trying to collect a direct debit from a client in Europe. I’ve setup the recurring payment and they have authorised a direct debit mandate which is connected fine through GoCardless.

However, when I activated the recurring invoice I get an email shortly after saying it has been rejected by GoCardless.

After having spoken to them, I’ve been told that the invoice needs to be sent in the recipients currency, so I’ve changed the invoice to Euros and resent it, but got the same rejection.

The weird thing is that when I try and send it manually from the created invoice, it shows the amount in euros but with a £ symbol in the “Collect x amount” dialogue box that pops up.

I’ve also found that you can set a default currency for a client, which I have changed to Euros, but again, the manual collection box says the amount if Euros, but lists the currency as £. This is still bouncing back from GoCardless with a “Response Code 422 (unprocessable entity)” error.

I have spoken to GoCardless further and they assure me that SEPA payments should be possible and that they are receiving requests in GBP for a EUR bank account, which explains the problem.

What am I doing wrong or what needs to change for QuickFile to send this invoice in Euro’s to my client please? I’m tearing my hair out trying to figure out what’s happening!

Hi @Feel_Content

At the moment only BACS direct debits are supported through QuickFile so you can’t initiate any SEPA requests. You would have to do these outside of QuickFile

And yet it allows you to set it use other currencies? That’s a huge thing that’s missing, especially seeing as I’ve seen support threads asking for this up to 6 years ago!

It really should tell you this in the error messages at least as this has cost me several hours over 4 days trying to figure out the issue.

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