Incorrect Money Due Balance on Dashboard

The “Money Owed To You” balance on the dashboard is showing a negative balance despite not having any invoices outstanding. It relates to an invoice from the previous accounting period for £706.80. Part of the order amounting to £508.80 was cancelled and a credit note applied. The resulting balance of £198 was written off as a bad debt. Accounting wise, everything seems to have gone through correctly, it’s just the dashboard showing the Credit Note as a negative balance due


I don’t know what you did but you’ve sorted it, bloody marvellous.

Thanks very much

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Yes, sorry for not reporting back. We were looking at this, it seemed to be incorrectly reporting a Bad Debt on the dashboard total. It should be fine now!

Hi Glenn, it was fine for a while but it’s reverted to being “Bad”. The Amount Owed To You is showing as £730 whereas the actual amount currently outstanding is £1239 i.e. the credit note of £509 is still being reported as a minus

The problem I think is with invoice #002031. It’s marked as Bad Debt and it has been credit noted. It should be just one or the other, hence the doubling up. I’ve asked someone else to look at this to confirm my findings.


If you check now it should be fine.

Separately we’re looking at how a CN and Bad Debt flag were applied together and will look to fix this shortly.