Incorrect VAT Return created and submitted to HMRC

I have recently purchased a business which had its accounts all set-up on Quick File.

Quick file is automatically set-up with HMRC for online filing. Unfortunately I submitted a VAT which was completely inaccurate by mistake & I cannot withdraw the submission (tried calling but they said I now needed to fill in a VAT652 form).

I’m completely new to VAT systems but from what I can understand the ‘Total VAT due’ amount was correct but the amount to be reclaimed from customs is just a fraction of what it should be.

When I click ‘reports’, then ‘view’ the applicable return there is an option to ‘download calculations’. I did this & noticed that all the retrospective purchases I added today were all showing up as ‘0’ VAT which is wrong.

Bank Entries (Payments Made) - Supplier Pre-payment BOX7 BOX4
Prepayment 01/10/2013 M&J SEAFOOD 166.11 0
Prepayment 10/10/2013 M&J SEAFOOD 84.22 0
Prepayment 29/10/2013 FiTZ Solicitors 576 0

I made sure to detail the amount of VAT etc in each purchase so I’ve no idea what has happened. HMRC has already said I cannot resubmit so I’m at a loss as to the next best step. I guess if the ‘download calculations’ form was accurate then I could at least relay that info across to the VAT652 form.

Any help much appreciated.


I’ve checked the logs for the purchases you refer to and they are definitely showing as being entered with zero VAT. Do you know what the actual amount of VAT that should have been reclaimed on this VAT return? If the difference is material, you may be able to handle this by making a manual adjustment to the next VAT return, just be sure to document the workings behind your adjustment.

If you go down the VAT652 route you may want to seek the advice of an accountant to ensure everything is correct.

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