Incorrect year end


Hope someone can advise. I wrongly reset my year end to be 3ist December 2014. It is actually 31st March 2015. Is there a way I can rectify?

Many thanks.


You can set the next year end date in Account Setting >> Company Settings.


Dont think this is the same issue. I want to rest end of year date from 31 December 2014 to march 31st 2015 retrospectively. this is obviously a date that is in the past. I can set a date for the future as per your comments but cant seem to go backwards…

thanks for your reply. Really appreciated.



Have you already completed the year-end procedure and now want to revert this and file the year-end for a different period?

I suspect that by changing from 31st march to the previous december 31st after this actual date may have initiated the end of year procedure but i cant be certain. I now need to revert back to original date of 31st Of March 2014.

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No it wouldn’t have done anything, it would have just changed all the default dates for reporting… but it wouldn’t actually file your year-end. To complete your year-end we is basically just a set of journals you would have needed to follow the procedure here.

If you want you can PM me your account details and I will have a look for you.


Yes - Will PM - however - cant see where to do this from on this screen, Regards


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