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Incorrectly classed as 'large' account

Hi, last year I did my accounting in late September and this year I did them in early September. This has caused my account to be incorrectly classified as a ‘large’ account, when in reality it is not. Tagging all my bank imports has caused the ledger number to drop below 1000, but the ‘company settings’ page is still showing my account size as ‘L’. Could I please be downgraded to M before I am locked out of my account?

I believe the rolling calculation for account size is a day or two behind real time, if you are now back below 1000 it should sort itself out shortly. And even if you are “locked out” temporarily, once you pass the anniversary of when you did your accounts last year then it’ll let you back in anyway as last year’s entries cease to be “within the last 12 months”.

Hi @Joel_Cross,

You will not just be locked out of your account, if you are over the 1,000 nominal entries then you will be prompted for the Power User Subscriptions but you can defer this for 14 days which should be enough time for the total to decrease again for you

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