Increase email signature character limit

Hi there,
I’m trying to create a company signature with some HTML elements. By law I am required to add a lengthy GDPR disclaimer to all messages and I want to have the company logo and address included too.

I’m fairly competent in HTML and have stripped out all the excess code yet it is still well in excess of 1,000 characters which is the limit for the field. Even in plain text, the signature is over 1,000 char!
Is there a way to increase the character limit here? A workaround seems to be to simply include the signature in all routine emails but this is a messy way of achieving what I want and may not work with additional correspondence.
Please help!

Hi @David_Place

This isn’t something that’s supported at the moment, but we can consider increasing this in the future.

Hi there,
We’re currently trialing QF and a few competitors but it’s going to be a definite requirement if we are to purchase a premium subscription (multiple companies so worth your while to implement!)