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After doing some year end tidying up and year end journals, the bank that had previously reconciled no longer does.

Other than the ‘recent events’ on the Dashboard, is there a way of seeing all recent events/audit trail of the current account activity only. If not, is there a way of exporting the recent events to csv and ideally with more detail.

Many thanks in advance.

Hi @Kat1

You can view the full activity of a bank account by view it’s nominal code through the Chart of Accounts report. If you don’t know what the code is, you can either look for it, or you can go into the settings for that bank account and it will be displayed at the top of the screen:

If you go to you Chart of Accounts report (this is under ‘Reports’), expand your Assets and Liabilities section, and look for the bank account there:

If you click the magnify glass on the right hand side of that nominal code, this will show you a complete breakdown of the activity in that account.

Note: With a bank statement, the values are reversed. A credit showing on the nominal code will actually be a debit to the account, and vise-versa.

To export the data, you can select upto 50 lines at a time there and click ‘Export data’ at the top, or you can go back to your Chart of Accounts page and click ‘Export data’ there, which will give you two options, and instructions on how to export them:

Hope that helps!

Thank you for your response, however I require a report that is sorted by the date the entry was physically put into the account, so that I can tell what activity has affected the current account that I have done in the last month.

I have found the ‘event log’ search option, which has enabled me to narrow it down to all activity within the dates I am looking at but not events specific to the current account, so I am now having to go into each individual activity to see which had an entry to the current account.

Is there an option that will speed up this process?


Unfortunately there isn’t another way of doing this.

The only suggestion I have is to try using the reconciliation tool. When used with small periods (for example, a day or week at a time, depending on the number of transactions you have), it can help identify issues quite quickly.

We also added small detail to the bank screen recently too, which may help. If you hover over the icon on the banking line, it will tell you when it was created:

Thank you for your help. That tip may save me some time.

Thanks again.

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