Individual Additional Notes for each client

Is there a way to add an individual Additional Note to each client that’s will show up on their invoice each time?

At the moment I keep having to copy and past from invoice to invoice but would be great if there was a way

Hello @elliottocall

You could use custom trading styles for this.

It would allow you to set up various copies of your invoice customisation with their own notes and assign them to various client accounts.

Thanks, @QFSteve

Not sure if that would work as we need it to.

We have different notes for each client and anywhere up to 400 clients that this is required for. Would we need to make 400 different invoice templates?

Hello @elliottocall

What sort of notes are you adding?, can you please provide some examples?

One of our businesses is a craft market and we add what the client is allowed to sell as a note:

TO SELL: handmade unique jewellery such as; rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings & accessories made from sterling silver, cement, resin.

At the moment we have to keep going back to an older invoice to copy and past which just slows down the process, as we sent out over 100 invoices yesturday.

Hello @elliottocall

So you have over 400 unique sets of notes you want to use?

You may be better off using the copy option to create the invoices rather than copying and pasting.

This will create an exact copy of the original invoice (including the notes) that you can the edit the items/date.

Ok thanks, probably a bit slower having to go into each person’s account first and clicking on make a copy. Probably just stick with copy and past. Thanks for your help.

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