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Hi Glenn

Please can i request a latest list of banks for which QF can automatically import bank transactions i.e. like Barclays
and the banks for which Chrome plugin can work, and the banks for which only importing a statement works.

I am not sure if QF knowledge base is up to date on this information.

Many thanks

The KB is up to date, all the bank feeds supported on the Chrome Extension are listed here:

Supported bank feeds

The only fully automated bank is the Barclays feed.

Hi Glenn

I am aware that another accounting software provider can automatically import Metro bank’s transactions i.e. just like Barclays.

Can this be possible with QF?


Most other systems supporting bank feeds use Yodlee. We only intend to support the largest banks for now using the Chrome plugin, other developers however can actually add to this plugin (as was the case here for RBS).

We don’t want to go down the Yodlee route right now as it’s far from reliable and we’d have to charge this out to users to cover the 25k p.a. licence fee. I actually discussed this with another user a few weeks ago.

I see.

Thanks, it makes more sense now.

I think the Chrome plugin feature is pretty cool.

I am not a tech person, so don’t understand how to add to this plugin - it will be great if you could give further guidance on this.

Many thanks

It’s written in Javascript, I wouldn’t recommend this for non-programmers. Not unless you want to invest many many hours learning it! We can cover a few of the big banks internally but we simply don’t have the time or resources to go beyond those.

What we’d love to happen is for the banks to stop drooling over themselves and start developing legitimate ways of sharing data (i.e open APIs), after all we are now in 2014 :smile:

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