Initial capital log in and bank reconciliation

Hello, could anyone give me advice on this please? I’ve just signed up to Quickfile and new to it.

I am the only director and shareholder of a limited company which i created about a year ago. I made a horrendous mistake by not opening a proper business account right at the start. (I am sorting it out now)
But at the time I had a second private current account which I thought I will use only for business purposes. When the company was created I had £400 sitting on it. So I thought 100 will be the shares + 300 my loan to business and I started making business purchases. Now I am trying to log this into Quickfile and thats what I’ve done:

from directors loan account(1201) to ordinary shares(3000) £100
from directors loan account(1201) to currrent account(1200) £300

, but I am not sure its correct because I can’t reconcile it with the bank statement. There weren’t any transactions to match this because the money were already there before company was created.
Any advice would be so appreciated, I am really at a loss here!

Its ideal for company to have its own bank account but not essential, a private account only used for company business will do.

You can log both transactions in director loan account and tag them (click on red tag button) to share capital £100 and £300 as inter bank transfer to current account.

You’re doing the right thing but you don’t need to set an opening balance for the current account - if you leave it starting at zero and do what you were doing anyway then the balance will be right at the end of the first day and you can carry on as normal from there on.

Thank you, you put my mind at rest about the use of personal bank account. Not sure I understand about the inter bank transfer at this point, but it could be I just have to read more tutorials about it first before getting into more details.

Thank you, the balance it right at the moment, I just thought that not tagging it to any bank transaction might look odd or creat problems.