Inputting hours spent with each client daily to get a cumulative monthly total

I am a self employed Joiner and log hours spent and materials used for each customer on a daily basis in a diary, this is then converted into an invoice each month or at the end of a job. My question is whether quickfile or an integrated app would allow me to directly log hours and materials used against each customer on a daily basis in the form of a diary and store the information ready for the invoice to be compiled at the end of the job or month without having to manually enter the information?

I think your best bet would be to use an estimate.

You can set one up for a client and add both time and materials to the same one (or keep them separately if you prefer).

So you could add both:

And effectively have:

Then, at the end of a month, convert it to an invoice. Job done!

Hope that helps?

The method @Parker1090 suggests would work. Also you could create a draft invoice and just log everything on there, then at the end of the month send it to the customer. Draft invoices are not visible to clients (if you’re using the client control panel) and don’t have any bearing on your accounts so you can use it for logging work as you go along.

Thank you both very much for your replies, that sounds great, apologies for being a complete novice with this but I guess you have to start somewhere! Can you use quickfile on your mobile phone?

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I use QF on an Android phone from time to time without much difficulty. I think most modern smartphones have decent web browsers so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Thanks Glenn, your help is much appreciated

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