Insurance claim vat only to pay

I had an insurance claim and have to pay the supplier the vat only. How do I account for this

Hi @Mary123

Although this post relates to import duty, the same concept applies when it comes to the VAT: C79: Import VAT / Import Duty / Handling Fees

Where do I find the Import duty category please Mathew

Sorry, you don’t need to use that nominal code - that’s only relevant for that example.

To record a VAT only invoice, essentially you need an invoice like the one in the linked topic - you would have one line with the value of the item with 20% VAT, and then one with the full value @ 0% VAT, similar to this:

So there’s £20.00 VAT, and that’s all that’s due on that particular invoice.

Hope that makes sense?

Thank you that makes perfect sense

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