Integrating with or MyPAYE?

Hi there,

I’ve just started using QuickFile and wondered if there were any plans to integrate with in the future?

I’ve just started my limited company and 12cloudpayroll offers free payroll processing for up to 9 staff. I see that QuickFile integrates with The Payroll Site ( currently, however, until my income increases I am trying to save costs where I can. As it’s only me I’m paying at the moment I plan to manually add the payroll using the instructions here: Recording payroll

But it would be good if there are plans to integrate with any other payroll systems in the future, as this could sway me to another system. For £1 per employee, MyPAYE ( looks like another affordable option.

Is there a QuickFile roadmap somewhere where we can view planned features, or those being considered?



I use MyPAYE, they don’t have an official integration with QuickFile but they do have their own API and I’m a programmer, so I’ve been able to write a little script that I run each payday to pull the data from the MyPAYE API and push it into the QuickFile one. It’s a bit rough and hacky but I’m happy to share it if you’re interested.

That’d be really useful thanks Ian. I am a programmer too, so I should be able to get it working. Is there a way to DM you on here? If not perhaps Twitter (jgramp) or Skype (jessgramp) might work, but happy to use whatever.



You have a PM, but if anyone else is interested in this too then I’d be happy to make it public.


In fact, here you go:


I realised that one of the parameters required by my previous script is the MyPAYE-internal identifier for the payroll, which can only be determined via another API call, so I’ve updated the gist with a helper script to list all your payrolls with their IDs to help when setting up your configuration.

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