Integration for Cashplus Business Mastercard Accounts

Hi guys,

We have recently begun using your great accounts package for our new business and we also use Cashplus Business as our account provider.

Is there any way to create integration for this Cashplus Account please as they are Mastercard based and have won some big banking awards recently for their card based services?

Many thanks.

Matt Darlow | CEO |EcoECU LTD

It’s not something we’re currently planning, it also doesn’t look as if it’s been raised on the forum before? Certainly if there’s evidence that other users would benefit from such an integration we will reconsider.

Hi i have just become a member of QF & on reading through some posts i noticed references to bank integration with the accounting software, so searched for the business account i use which is CashPlus & came across this post.

Don’t know how bank integration would benefit me has i have not got to that section yet but seeing as my business account is not supported i will return to this subject at a later date, may be if there are more members who use CashPlus & express an interest it my be included.

Jeff. :slight_smile:

+1 for an integration with CashPlus

Hi Glenn,

We also use CashPlus so integration would be great :smile:

+1 from me too on this request - I am also using CashPlus and would find this feature helpful.

We are opening a Cashplus account - integration with quickfile would be very much appreciated. :blush:


We are also using Cashplus as our primary bank and would love the bank feed to be configured.


Hi all,

Are you any closer to considering (or starting work on) the CashPlus automated Bank Feed?


Hi @adc80,

I have moved your post to this thread to keep everything together. As far as I am aware there hasn’t been an update with this as the Dev team have been working on the current open banking facility. I will check with them and any updates will be posted to this thread

Hi Beth, to be honest i’m going to withdraw my request for this one.

And I would strongly advise Quickfile don’t attempt to bridge the gap.

Since using Cashplus (less than one month) they’ve managed to loose 2 payments despite the details being correct. They’ve denied them even arriving and i’m now out of pocket.
When my clents search for my account in their bank it never finds it.
So far they’ve made my new business look like an amature outfit.

Not happy with them at all!!

Please be advised though this is just my experience of them.

Just check TrustPilot and you’ll see.


Hi @adc80,

Thank you for letting us know

CashPlus has recently (approx 2 weeks ago) become a bank. Will it automatically be added to the Bank Feed or does it still need votes?

Hi @jaam

It isn’t automatically added unfortunately.

But if there’s enough interest, we can certainly see that they support the Open Banking API, and if so, we can look at adding them.

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Another vote for CashPlus to be added. I’ve found them very easy to deal with in setting up a business and integrating with Quick File would be really helpful. Their newly acquired banking status might help swing things in their favour?

I use Cashplus and would like to see it added to the integrated banks list